Hit this before Ticketmaster
Goldstar scoops up unwanted tickets for events
Ticket Outlet
I don't buy though Ticketmaster, unless its last resort, Ticketmaster holds tickets for American Express members
Rock bottom sales on high end lables
Kayak - One stop for flights, groups them all..used to be called Sidestep before the merger
Doesn't matter who you're near, CVS, Rite Aid, Petco, GNC, Grocery Chains, get on their email list, CVS doles out coupons like crazy, I've saved $800+ so far this year on  CVS coupon savings )
actually its neck n neck between Amazon and Ebay
If I decide buy a Blu Ray copy of a concert (sometimes I want a good copy, better quality than torrenting), I'll bounce between this site, Ebay, and Amazon looking for the best price
My latest fav for electronics
Buying PC, electronics online, my first stop
2nd stop
Trabber is a flight, hotel and car search engine which allows you to compare the results of the main travel booking websites. Trabber compares in one page everything offered by low cost carriers, traditional airlines, online travel agencies, and hotel and car booking websites.

Anytime I buy online, I always check for discount codes here
2nd choice,  if I can't find anything on Retailmenot
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I will not tolerate non stop barking with my dogs, Petsafe is the only dog collar I trust to control barking habits
SAVE YOUR CARPET! Older dogs (much like seniors) leak, when the vet tells you to get dog diapers, get PeeKeeper instead, its fashionable, uses MaxiPads to collect the leaks
Skiplagged is better at finding cheap flights than any other website! United Airlines actually filed suit against this startup
Some good steals here..
Stop paying too much for your prescriptions
Compare prices, print free coupons & save up to 80%